More descriptions on the hook up.
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1# heatpump
2Retrofitted controller for an IVT greenline 14e-9.
3The old controller gave up the magic smoke and this is my way to fix it.
5The controller consists of a raspberry pi 3 with a DAQCplate for sensors and controlling relays.
6I am using the original NTC thermistors. The sensors are connected: one lead to +5V, the other lead to ADC input, and a 1.5kΩ between ADC input and GND. This makes a voltage divider and 1.5kΩ fits the complete sensor range for the ADC.
7A 5v relay is connected to the output. +5V to flyback protection and the othera lead to GND. The 5V relay run the big 3-phase relay for the compressor.