Change schema to store xml directly to db
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2017-07-30  Mikael FrykholmChange schema to store xml directly to db
2017-07-19  Mikael Frykholmpop8 fixes, logging
2017-02-27  Mikael FrykholmAdded dummy method to push stuff to all subscribers
2017-02-13  Mikael Frykholmfirst hello world working
2016-04-01  Mikael FrykholmSome more cleanup, storing secret for use with hashlib...
2016-04-01  Mikael FrykholmSome xml fixes, added rd library
2016-03-31  Mikael FrykholmFirst actually interacting version. remote subscribe...
2013-10-29  Mikael Frykholmbleh
2013-10-29  Mikael Frykholmwebfinger mockup